Analog Filmmaker -- Screenwriter   




A Potter's Field. 2020. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in NYC, a Super 8mm time capsule documents Hart Island as the networked consecration of the dead. Glimpses of that which can only be glimpsed gather as memento mori. 16 mins.

* Director, DP, Editor

Orchards. 2019. A one-person narrative shot on 16mm exploits religious imagery to advance a messianic reckoning. 6 mins.

* Director, DP, Editor
* TimeSink Premiere



Building Gnarvana. 2017. For Flamingo New York. Matt and Bogdan are the Gnarmads, an NY skateboarding duo. In pedaling to California, they build Gnarvana. 20 mins.

* Director & Editor. DP for interviews

Capitalism. 2016. Digital video, B&W 16mm, Super 16mm hand-processed color: a three part experimental provocation of contemporary capitalism. 24 mins.

* Director, DP, Editor
* Big Apple Film Festival XII Premiere



Self Check Out

In a technological wasteland driven by the compliance of inhabitants, two human beings, Wolf and Blooma, come to thresholds of death that turn around their souls. They seek freedom.

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Feature-length film with an estimated budget of $100,000. Inquire within.

All See None

When an architect jeopardizes the construction of a prison heís designed, he must protect his daughter from the private prison corporation that hired him.

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2020 Sundance Screenwriters Lab, Second Round
2019 Torino Film Lab Extended - Feature Film
2018 New Orleans Film Festival, Finalist
2018 New Hampshire Film Festival, Semifinalist

In a prison-like city,  Isaiah Foster, a black forty-year-old architect, is caught between two worlds: first, the profound relationship he shares with his young daughter Maya, and second, the guilt he feels for designing a prison. When Isaiah discovers two dead penal laborers on the prison construction site, he confronts the traumatic truth of his professional undertaking and jeopardizes the prisonís construction. In this collision of worlds, in the tension between paternal love and prison architecture, an impressionistic character portrait unfurls across a thematic of vision sharpened by the contemporary realities of the prison-industrial complex.



Born in 1990 in Manhattan and raised in Montclair, NJ 
B.A. in History from The University of Pennsylvania
M.A. in Liberal Studies from The New School for Social Research
Trained on B&W 16mm film
Currently living in Harlem